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The company is continually producing products or perfumes for the person. With its formulas, thanks to the combinations of its essences, it creates many different fragrances. It succeeds in creating excellent products for its wide range of customers. With its fast and innovative machinery and with the great commitment of staff, it manages to produce around 15,000 pieces per day. Creates different market types satisfying also the customer who wants to realize I customize a product. By mixing denatured alcohol and essence, make just formulas and equivalent fragrances.

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About us

Luxurya Parfum S.A.S. 

LEADER in the European market in the production and distribution of perfumes and cosmetics.
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Our History

Create high quality product with high quality essences and fragrances inspired to famous perfumes.

An Idea of two brothers, that they have to achieve their dreams.

They with originality and tenacity created european leader.

This love grow up year by year until to transmit that to kids.

Through their efforts was build the Luxurya Parfum.